We want you to have a great time during your visit, so we have put together this great Port Townsend Day Trips planner for you!

  • HURRICANE RIDGE: Unless it is winter and roads aren’t plowed at the summit, you must really make the effort to go to Hurricane Ridge! It is nothing less than spectacular and on the clearest of days, you can see all the way to Victoria. There are literally hundreds of miles of trails through the Olympics and there are some very nice hikes from Hurricane Ridge. There is a Visitor’s Information Center at the bottom of the road up to the ridge, and a very informative Ranger’s Station at the top, so there is plenty of help to plan an appropriate walk or hike that will fit your time frame.
  • VICTORIA, B.C.: Many people don’t realize that you can go to Victoria as a day trip….and in fact, is much easier (and less expensive) than taking your car. Drive to Port Angeles, park your car across from the ferry dock….and hop on as a passenger to one of the two ferries (Coho and Victoria Express) which take you right in to the Inner Harbor of Victoria. From there you can walk all along the Harbor and visit most of the visitor sites, including shopping and restaurants. You can take an excursion bus around Victoria if you would like to hear more about the history and go through some of Victoria’s neighborhoods. Don’t forget, a passport or an enhanced drivers license is required to travel between the U.S. and Canada.
  • WHALE WATCHING IN SAN JUANS: The best time to see the Orca whales is during the spring, summer, and early fall. We have a terrific excursion PS Express, which leaves in the morning and returns late afternoon. It takes you through the San Juans to Friday Harbor where you can enjoy a nice lunch and then you are off to see the beautiful and playful Orcas! Make sure you bring a camera because it is definitely a Kodak moment! PS Express also offers a midday tour which excludes the San Juan Islands and takes you directly to the whales. Either way….it is an exciting and fun trip!
  • DAY TRIPPING ON WHIDBEY ISLAND:  As you get off the ferry, go left. If you stay on this road, it takes you directly into the little historic wharf town of Coupeville.  There is really only one short street here, but it is fun to explore. Go to Toby’s Pub for some great local mussels. There a few shops to browse through there too. Ready to keep going? Drive to Greenbank. Here are the things to see and do: Greenbank Farm for specialty cheese and Whidbey Café for awesome locally made soups and pies; Historic Greenbank Country Store on SR 525; and if you are in mood for some wine tasting, try Greenbank Cellar Winery. Lastly, don’t miss the small coastal town of Langley. There are several retail shops to wander through, and a couple of nice antique shops. Mike’s Place is the local watering hole.